First blog!

This is my very first blog post on here, so bear with me!

I’m happy to have finally started this website – I can’t wait to start actually posting journal entries, makeup tutorials, how-to articles, pictures, ahhh!

Good ending to a good day. I had my Anatomy lab practical earlier this evening, and boy was it intense. There is just so much information to know, in such a short amount of time. I hope I did well on it! That would be the third big exam I have had this week. Monday, I took the TEAS exam (entrance exam for nursing school), and made an 80.7%. That seemed like an okay score until I looked at the national average, which was a 69%?! I hope that is a good thing! On Wednesday, I had a Biology lab practical. Didn’t make too hot of a grade on that one.

One thing is for sure, I am about to sleep so hard. Studying has been my life for the past 4 days.

Bye bye blog, hello bed.



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