Summer Bucket List Mark-Off #1!

So over the course of my 9 day vacay from work, I was able to do some things on my summer bucket list (yay!)! Two of them were visiting the mountains and hiking a challenging trail.

My roommate and I traveled to my favorite mountain city in the world, Asheville, NC. We drove up and explored downtown Asheville for a few hours, checking out the boutiques and even having lunch/dinner at Chai Pani (a delicious Indian street food restaurant) topped off with a dessert of chocolate ice cream from French Broad Chocolate Lounge. As we were walking the streets, we came up on this really cool “Before I Die” chalkboard where people write things that they want to do before they die. (Mine says “become a nurse”!)


Since it was getting dark, we decided to head towards the campground since it was on the Blue Ridge Parkway (and about 30 miles outside the city). We camped out in a tent on top of a mountain at Mount Mitchell State Park. It was understandably cold (I mean with an elevation of 6,684 feet this was expected) but also very windy. The sounds of the wind against the tent were unsettling, so we didn’t get much sleep.


Despite the sleep deprivation, we were champs and toughed through a 5 mile hike the next morning! It was quite a strenuous hike, but we summitted Mount Mitchell… which happens to be the highest point east of the Mississippi River. 🙂


After we reached the peak, we hiked back down to the park office and drove into the city again to get dinner. We ended up grabbing a yummy burger and a beer at Wicked Weed Brewery (one of Asheville’s own breweries), a coffee from High Five and stopped by the shopping outlets before coming home.

Needless to say, it was very awesome!



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