Manchester Arena Concert Attack

Two days ago, Manchester Arena in England was tragically attacked by a suicide bomber during an Ariana Grande concert. The attack killed 22 people, injured 120+, and affected the entire world.

What shakes me the most about this event is how most things are out of our control… Car accidents, illnesses, unintentional injuries, natural deaths, and so on. For the most part, we are all out here just trying to live our lives the best way we can. We can only hope that others have good intentions. However, something like this happens; something that makes no sense whatsoever. It was completely in someone’s control and had no reason to happen, other than to intentionally hurt others.

The aftermath created from this tragedy will be nothing positive; just fear, anxiety, isolation and pain. Parents will be more distrusting of allowing their children to explore their world. Concert lovers, like myself, will now have a fear of being in a crowded venue and possibly standing next to a ticking time bomb.

You can’t go to college, the movie theater, a concert, an elementary school, a nightclub, a church, or anywhere for that matter, without some type of fear.

My heart is with the family and friends of the victims, the concert attendees & staff, and Ariana Grande and her crew.


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